Wife to my soulmate, mom to my sweet baby boy, believer in love and happily ever afters. You can usually find me frequenting the aisles of Home-Goods, obsessing over the latest Restoration Hardware magazine, searching for my next glass of sweet tea or indulging in some really bad reality TV (don't judge me)


i’m molly


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Like most girls, I dreamt of being a bride the majority of my life, always wondering who would be standing on the other side of the alter & imagining nothing less than a fairytale ending. These dreams became a reality. Somewhere between falling in love & planning for my future, photography became my true calling.

When I sit and reflect on the photographs that I've taken, I don't simply see a pretty bride & glamorous bridesmaids...I see a bride with friends around her who build her up and support her. I don't just see a bride and groom all dressed up, I see two people who will never have THIS moment again.

I don’t just see a father and daughter holding back their tears as they sway back and forth on the dance floor, I see a father flash- ing back to the messy sweet toddler that she once was.

You see, pretty photographs are what they are, pretty. But, your STORY is important and impactful and THAT is what I see beauty in. I truly believe I was put here to create, encourage, and serve those around me.

Marriage is a sacred union, and I am beyond grateful that I am able to capture, honor & celebrate with you. 

4. My puppies are:
two adorable frenchies

3. My Favorite color is:

2. addicted to: 
Amazon prime (duh!)

1. My Favorite Holiday:

5. Jersey girl at heart but went to Indiana University

8. Guilty Pleasures:
taco bell, pink starbursts, swedish fish

7. Athleisure
wear is my motto


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the number of times amazon prime shows up at my house  PER WEEK 


times molly has stopped traffic to get "the Shot"


images delivered per wedding


bags of swedish FIsh in my house at all times


times per month i frequent homegoods


times a week i wish i had a pool in my backyard

all collections include two photographers, engagement session, and high-resolution digital images edited in my signature style.


The Ultimate Wedding Experience

- Juliana & Kevin

"Everyone needs a Molly on their wedding day"

- Laura & Mike

"Working with Molly is also like working with a wedding planner in disguise"

— Amberly & David

"Molly made us feel at ease and is incredibly kind"

— AlicIA & Rob

"She helped make my wedding day run smoothly"

— Deana & Heath

"Truly, she is so sweet and such a pleasure to work with"

— Jamie & Andrew

"Molly made it so fun and relaxing, you forget she's taking pictures of you!

they have the kindest things to say