Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding | Mia + Dylan


Bride and groom walking together with fireplace behind them in the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.

Enchanting Vows: An Elegant Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding Experience

Key Takeaways

  • Mallard Island Yacht Club is a choice spot for a picturesque wedding, featuring a grand ballroom, a Boathouse Chapel, and outdoor plazas for up to 250 guests.
  • Couples can bask in comprehensive wedding service offerings, including on-site catering by Merri Makers, event planning, luxurious accommodations, and inclusive site fees covering essentials.
  • Real-life couples like Caitlyn and Dean vouch for the deep, sentimental value provided by the yacht club, punctuated by its charm, inclusive amenities, and the facility’s ability to weave their personal narratives into the venue’s grand setting.

The Allure of a Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding

Renowned for its breathtaking views of the beautiful Barnegat Bay, the Mallard Island Yacht Club captures the essence of a picturesque waterfront wedding venue. Its grandeur is only enhanced by the panoramic coastal views and access to a scenic atrium that elevates the ambiance, making it a wedding venue that effortlessly captivates guests and enhances the wedding experience.

The grand ballroom is an epitome of elegance. With a ceiling painted in Tiffany blue, the ballroom provides a seating capacity for up to 250 guests, making it an ideal space for grand celebrations. As you step out, the outdoor Veranda and Cocktail Lounge welcome you, offering a space where guests can indulge in champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Surrounded by gardens and influenced by the Gothic style of Princeton University, the architecture adds to the venue’s allure.

The charm of the venue extends beyond the ballroom and outdoor spaces. For a touch of romance, consider the Boathouse Chapel, a place where love stories are etched in eternity.

Exchanging Vows in Style for a Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding

As soon as you step into the Boathouse Chapel, you’re enveloped by a romantic setting characterized by a grand stone fireplace, candlelight, and bay breezes. This chapel serving as the perfect location for your special day, the open walls allow natural light to flood in, creating an intimate ambiance that caters perfectly to a meaningful ceremony. Whether you choose to exchange vows indoors or opt for the outdoor lawn embraced by the bay breezes, the venue accommodates up to 250 guests, striking a balance between grandeur and intimacy.

The Boathouse Chapel is more than just a venue for the ceremony. Its photography-friendly interior makes it a perfect location for capturing unforgettable ‘first look’ moments and the wedding ceremony.

Next, we’ll explore the reception spaces designed to make the celebration unforgettable.

Celebratory Reception Spaces

The grandeur of the ballroom is perfectly designed for grand celebrations. Accommodating up to 250 guests, the ballroom offers an elegant atmosphere, featuring:

  • Gold Chivalri chairs with ivory cushions
  • A combination of 60-inch and 72-inch round tables for guest comfort
  • Tiffany blue ceiling
  • French doors opening to a scenic atrium

These absolutely exquisite features only add to the allure, providing the perfect backdrop for dancing and entertaining guests on the dance floor.

The yacht club’s outdoor plaza is another gem. Inspired by the Rathskeller’s Gothic architecture, the plaza provides a magical setting for the cocktail hour. Picture sipping champagne under the stars, surrounded by your loved ones. It’s an experience that promises to be unforgettable.

Mia + Dylan’s Love Story

Mia and Dylan’s wedding was a culmination of a decade-long love story that began in the halls of their high school. Their journey together had been marked by unwavering support, laughter, and countless cherished memories. So, it was only fitting that they chose Mallard Island for their special day, drawn to its coastal charm and the soothing melody of the nearby beach.

The Journey to “I Do” at Mallard Island Yacht Club

Mia + Dylan celebrated their marriage at Mallard Island Yacht Club in the Spring, marking the beginning of their happily ever after. Let’s take a look at the venue details and amenities that contributed to making their wedding day unforgettable.

Venue Details and Amenities for a Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding

Mallard Island Yacht Club is not just a venue; it’s an experience. With diverse event spaces including:

  • A 3,000-sq. ft. Bridal Penthouse
  • A unique Groom’s Shack
  • The boathouse Chapel
  • Verdant gardens
  • A Veranda & Cocktail Lounge
  • An elegant Ballroom with a capacity for 250 guests
  • Ten private suites for guest accommodations

The yacht club promises a wedding experience like no other.

As an all-inclusive venue, Mallard Island Yacht Club provides comprehensive services, including:

  • On-site catering
  • Event planning
  • Essential rentals
  • Overnight accommodations

This streamlines the wedding experience, including finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses. The exceptional service provided by the Maitre D’s ensures that every detail is attended to, making the bride, groom, and their families feel pampered.

Catering Excellence

Mallard Island Yacht Club’s exclusive caterer, Merri Makers Catering, promises a high-quality dining experience. With a diverse array of culinary options, ranging from exquisite hors d’oeuvres to meticulously crafted desserts, Merri Makers Catering ensures that the food at your wedding will be a talking point among your guests.

Moreover, couples have the opportunity to customize their wedding menu to feature their favorite dishes, making the dining experience unique and personal. Having explored the culinary offerings, let’s turn our attention to the luxurious accommodations and services that ensure a memorable wedding night, all part of the comprehensive wedding planning experience.

A Night to Remember at a Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding

The accommodation at Mallard Island Yacht Club is nothing short of luxurious. With ten luxury suites equipped with amenities like plasma TVs, WiFi, king-sized beds, heated towel warmers, walk-in showers with rain-shower sprays, and views of the coast, the venue ensures that up to 24 guests can stay in comfort and luxury. Among the ten luxurious suites, there is also a handicap accessible suite, showcasing the yacht club’s commitment to inclusivity for all wedding guests.

Additionally, the property facilitates wedding preparations by providing:

  • Two separate get-ready suites for the soon-to-be-weds
  • A 3,000-square-foot penthouse for the soon-to-be-weds
  • Guest rooms with wheelchair accessible space for guests, eliminating the need for shuttle services to a hotel

A night manager is on duty from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM, which not only enhances security but also provides convenience and support for any post-wedding activities or after-parties that proceed into the night.


We’ve journeyed through the enchanting Mallard Island Yacht Club, a waterfront wedding venue that effortlessly blends coastal tranquillity with sophisticated splendour. Be it the romantic Boathouse Chapel, the elegant grand ballroom, or the magical outdoor plaza, the venue promises a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride, a wedding planner, or just an admirer of beautiful wedding venues, the Mallard Island Yacht Club offers the perfect backdrop to weave love stories and create unforgettable experiences. Because in the end, it’s not just about the wedding day, but the memories that last a lifetime.

Creative Team:

Photographer: Molly Sue Photography | Venue: Mallard Island Yacht Club

Bridesmaid dresses hung up at Mallard Island Yacht Club in the color blush with the and green floral bouquets.
Delicate custom vow books.
Pearl bubble earrings for wedding day in white.
Badgley Mishka block heeled wedding shoes in ivory with beaded embellishment.
Wedding bands and engagement ring stacked next to flowers.
Bridesmaids getting ready at Mallard Island Yacht Club bridal suite.
Bridesmaids cheering together on the bed at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bridesmaaids in silk pajamas and furry slippers toasting to the bride at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride putting on earrings in bridal suite at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Gorgeous bouquet with pink peonies and bride in lace sleeves.
Maid of honor helping bride into her shoes on wedding day.
Bride with veil wrapped around her in black and white at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride spraying perfume on wedding day with lace sleeved dress.
Bride with lace sleeves looking at bouquet with greenery and pink peonies.
Bride withe lace sleeved dress and long veil in Mallard Island Yacht Club's bridal suite.
Groom details with black shoes and gold wedding band.
Groom getting ready with the help of his best man at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Groom wearing ray ban sunglasses on wedding day.
Groom on the outside deck of Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom in the chapel with stone fireplace behind them as veil floats in the wind at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride with long veil on wedding day in the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Groom looking at bride as her hair flows in the wind with lace sleeves.
Groom twirling his bride on the wedding day in the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride with pink peony bouquet and veil wrapped around her and her groom at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom overlooking the water at Mallard Island Yacht Club in LBI, NJ.
Bride and groom in front of the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom with veil floating in front of them and stone fireplace behind them at the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Groom holds bouquet as bride holds onto his face.
Bride and groom smile together on their wedding day with stone fireplace and mantel decor at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom kiss with beautiful mantel florals at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Groom leads bride up the stairs at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bridesmaids in the Chapel with blush dresses and Maid of Honors in sequence at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Large bridal party in blush and black tuxedos while sitting in the Chapel at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bridesmaids bouquets with white and green florals and pink peonies.
Large bridal party in blush and black tuxedos at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
The front of Mallard Island Yacht Club and florals on the mantel in the Chapel.
Bride and groom kiss for the first time after breaking glass.
Bride and groom hugging on the bay at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom admiring each other with the bay behind them and a pink sky sunset.
Groom twirls bride on the dock at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Grand ballroom at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Sweetheart able with draping greenery at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Reception details in the ballroom with Tiffany blue ceiling at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
large floral centerpieces with greenery and hydrangeas.
Sweetheart table with draping greenery and lots of candles.
Bride and groom enter the grand ballroom as guests cheer for them at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
Bride and groom laugh during toasts.
Maid of honor gives heartfelt speech at wedding.
Candid moments from the dance floor at Mallard Island Yacht Club.
The Nerds band at a Mallard Island Yacht Club wedding in NJ.



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