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The Mill at Spring Lake Couple in Divine Park

The Mill at Spring Lake: A Real Wedding

Searching for a top wedding venue? The Mill at Spring Lake offers a unique lakeside setting and one-wedding-at-a-time policy, ensuring exclusivity and focus on your event.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mill Lakeside Manor offers an exclusive, one-wedding-at-a-time experience in a serene lakeside setting, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable event.
  • The venue features a sophisticated ballroom with crystal chandeliers and custom LED mood lighting, as well as an intimate Lakeside Garden and an Infinity Deck for picturesque outdoor ceremonies.
  • The Manor’s exceptional service includes a premium 360-degree bar and themed culinary stations during cocktail hour, with dishes crafted by a world-class executive chef, creating a memorable dining experience for guests.

Discover The Mill Lakeside Manor

Nestled on the tranquil shores of a glittering lake, The Mill Lakeside Manor stands as a beacon of elegance in Spring Lake Heights. This private lakeside estate is not just a venue; it’s a retreat from the ordinary into a world where nature’s beauty frames your most cherished moments.

With an unwavering commitment to ensuring your day is as unique as your love story, the Manor’s one-wedding-at-a-time policy guarantees that your best wedding is not just another event but the event at this Spring Lake NJ sanctuary, located near the picturesque Jersey Shore. As you plan your special wedding date, you can trust that your wedding party celebration will be unforgettable.

Venue Highlight

Step through the automatic sliding doors of The Mill Lakeside Manor, and you’re greeted by an air of sophistication that’s both welcoming and absolutely amazing. The custom-built Juliet Balcony is a testament to the venue’s attention to detail, providing a grand entrance that will leave your guests speechless. Move to the second-floor Ballroom, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the romantic embrace of large windows that offer a sunset view over the lake — a backdrop so perfect it seems painted just for you.

The Ballroom itself is a spectacle of elegance, featuring crystal chandeliers, gold leaf accents, and a coffered ceiling equipped with custom LED mood lighting, creating an enchanting atmosphere that’s both intimate and grand. This beautiful venue isn’t confined to the indoors; it also includes a stunning dance floor. Step outside to the intimate Lakeside Garden, where nature meets sophistication, offering a serene setting that’s ideal for capturing those picturesque moments that will be treasured forever.

Ceremony Space

With the serene lake as your backdrop, the outdoor ceremony space at The Mill Lakeside Manor is nothing short of breathtaking. Designed to merge seamlessly with the natural landscape, the Infinity Deck provides an idyllic setting where couples can exchange vows amidst the beauty of wildlife and nature — a scene so picturesque you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a living painting.

Cocktail Hour & Reception Room

As the sun dips below the horizon, the reception room welcomes you and your guests to celebrate the night away at this very exquisite spot. Here, every dish is a work of art, meticulously crafted by a world-class executive chef who tailors the menu to your tastes, ensuring that each bite is a memory in the making. The exceptional bar service complements the culinary experience, elevating your event to new heights.

Molly and George’s Wedding

Molly and George’s nuptials exemplify the charm and versatility of The Mill Lakeside Manor. Their ceremony, held at the quaint St. Dennis in Manasquan, NJ, was a harmonious prelude to the celebration that awaited at the Manor. The couple then ventured to Divine Park in Spring Lake, a place etched with sentimental value, as Molly’s parents had their wedding photos taken there decades earlier — a lovely homage woven into the fabric of their special day.

Meaningful Moments

Molly’s choice to infuse her wedding with a riot of colors and a garden/wildflower theme speaks to the heart of what The Mill Lakeside Manor offers — the freedom to create a day that is as vibrant and unique as the couple themselves, including their bridal party. It’s these personal touches, these meaningful moments, that transform a wedding venue into a canvas for life’s most beautiful memories.


As the final notes of music fade into the night and the last dance comes to an end, the memories made at The Mill Lakeside Manor remain. This venue is not just a setting, but a crucial character in the love stories it helps to unfold.

Bridal Details with Blue Shoes with bow + blue ring box.
Maid of Honor helping bride into wedding shoes.
Bride reaching down to buckle wedding shoes.
Maid of honor helping bride with her veil.
Bride being zipped into her dress.
Grooms details with black tuxedo shoes and nautical socks.
Bride getting ready with the help of her mom.
Bride getting ready in black and white.
Bride with colorful wildflower bouquet.
Dad walking bride into Church and down the aisle at St. Dennis in Manasquan, NJ.
Bride and groom in Divine Park with colorful bouquet.
Groom snuggles into bride at Divine Park.

Groom picks up bride in Spring Lake, NJ as brides blue shoes show.
Bride at Divine Park in Spring Lake with wildflower bouquet and a dress with sleeves.
A Wedding at The Mill in Spring Lake with Bride + Groom in Divine Park.
Light and airy photos for a wedding at The Mill in Spring Lake, NJ.
Groom dips bride back in Divine Park in Spring Lake.
Bride in ballgown dress with sleeves with the lake behind them.
Bride with low bun hairdo and groom in black tuxedo surrounded by a lake.
Bride and groom on the bridge at Divine Park in Spring Lake, NJ.
Groom whispers a secret into brides ear for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride and groom smile together with colorful wildflower bouquet in park with lake.
Groom pulls bride in for a kiss on wedding day.
Bride and groom on the bridge at Divine Park in Spring Lake, NJ.
Lace details on brides high neck dress.
Bridesmaids in dusty blue.
Bridesmaids in blue for garden themed wedding.
The Mill Lakeside Manor Ballroom in Spring Lake, NJ.
Bride and groom with beautiful light holding hands for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride and groom casually walking together in gardens at The Mill Lakeside Manor..
Swans with their babies at The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake, NJ.
The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake, NJ.
Bride with beautiful colorful wildflower bouquet and lace sleeves.

Groom kisses brides hand.
Bride and groom walk together as bride hikes up ballgown at The Mill Lakeside Manor.
Bride and groom share a kiss in the garden for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride and groom wear cute sunglasses together for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride and groom walk hand in hand in the garden at The Mill.
Bride and groom portraits for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride and groom are introduced for the first time into the grand ballroom at The Mill Lakeside Manor.
Bride dances with dad + groom dances with mom on their wedding day at The Mill.
Bride and groom cut the cake for their wedding at The Mill.
Best Man + Maid of Honor give heartfelt toast for a wedding at The Mill.
Bride gives dad a hug after their dance on wedding day at The Mill.
Mom holds back tears at a wedding at The Mill Lakeside Manor.
Candid fun dance floor moments for a wedding at The Mill.

The Creative Team at The Mill Lakeside Manor

Venue | The Mill Lakeside Manor
Photography | Molly Sue Photography
DJ | Love of Music Entertainment
Makeup + Hair | Make Me Up Eva + Elan Hair Studio
Dress | FBM Bridal
Florals | Bespoke Floral

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