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Bride and groom standing in front of the Silo at the Coach House.

Elegant Wedding at The Ryland Inn: A Dreamy Celebration in Whitehouse Station, NJ

Wondering if a wedding at The Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, NJ, is the perfect choice for you? Anticipate a blend of rural charm and sophisticated elegance. This venue promises an unforgettable backdrop for your vows and a striking setting for a celebration that’s as seamless as it is memorable. In the following sections, we delve into the features that set Ryland Inn weddings apart, from the stunning landscapes to the impeccable service, giving you a real-life glimpse through Hannah and Chris’s special day.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannah and Chris tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony with a picturesque sunset backdrop at the Ryland Inn, complemented by a harmonious white and green color palette reflecting their love for simplicity and natural beauty.
  • The reception in the grand ballroom balanced rustic glam with lush floral arrangements, creating a striking and romantic setting, while the dance floor and emotional toasts added joy and heartfelt moments to the celebration.
  • The couple’s fashion choices, including Hannah’s stylish dress with designer shoes and Chris’s custom velvet tuxedo with colorful footwear, underscored the elegance of the day, paralleled by the exceptional service provided by Landmark Hospitality.

Enchanting Vows at Sunset: An Outdoor Ceremony Wedding at The Ryland Inn:

Under the picturesque backdrop of the Ryland Inn, Hannah and Chris pledged their vows in a moving outdoor ceremony as the sun set. The idyllic atmosphere was heightened by the golden sunset, casting a warm glow over the couple and their guests. The threat of rain that loomed over the week dissolved, permitting the couple to realize their dream of an outdoor wedding.

The fact that the wedding took place in late October only added to the unique and memorable atmosphere, painting the ceremony with hues of autumn romance.

The Ceremony Setting

The ceremony’s outdoor setting in Whitehouse Station, punctuated with rustic elegance, boasts exposed wood beams and elegant chandeliers, intensifying the beauty of the sunset. This majestic backdrop was further enhanced by the country farmhouse paired with the Coach House’s unique features: a cozy fireplace, abundant window light, awesome flooring, and cool chandeliers, all contributing to the charm of a country home.

The bride’s choice of colors harmonized with the natural ambiance, creating a stunning visual tableau during the ceremony.

The Bridal Party’s Entrance

Further enhancing the ceremony’s charm was the bridal party’s grand entrance. The men, dressed in sharp black tuxedos provided by Tuxton Formal Wear and The Black Tux, emanated a regal aura.

In contrast, the women of the bridal party dazzled in sophisticated hunter green dresses, bringing an added elegance to the ceremony.

The Color Palette

White and green, the soothing colors of the wedding palette, added to the overall elegance. This choice gracefully accentuated the elegance of the setting, seamlessly blending with the lush surroundings of the Ryland Inn.

The serene theme reflected Hannah and Chris’s love for simplicity and natural beauty, adding a fresh and vibrant touch to the ceremony.

A Reception to Remember in the Grand Ballroom at The Ryland Inn

Post-ceremony, guests transitioned to the grand ballroom, an area celebrated for its high ceilings and unique chandeliers that foster a romantic atmosphere. The room was adorned with lush white floral arrangements, blush and gold accents, and hanging greenery, harmonizing with the chosen color scheme of rose gold, green, and ivory.

Executed artfully, the rustic glam theme created a striking contrast between the grand ballroom’s elegant chandeliers and exposed wood beams and the lush greenery and floral accents. This careful combination of rustic and elegant elements created an inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy the evening’s festivities.

The beauty and grandeur of the Ryland Inn’s grand ballroom made it a reception to remember in the redesigned space.

Dance Floor Revelries

Encircled by dark wood exposed beams, the dance floor became a central point for joy and entertainment. As the focal point of the reception, it invited guests to partake in the celebration, their laughter and the sound of music filling the room.

The refined country elegance of the dance floor, integral to the Ryland Inn’s property’s old world charm, empowered guests to let loose and enjoy the revelries.

Toasts and Tributes

Between the laughter and dancing, the evening was marked by emotional toasts and heartwarming speeches from family and friends. These moments of remembrance and tribute added a touching dimension to the celebrations, often bringing the room to tears, while still being so much fun.

The intimate setting of the Ryland Inn’s Coach House in Whitehouse Station NJ provided the perfect backdrop for these moving tributes, where speakers shared touching memories and expressed admiration for the newlyweds.

Fashion and Elegance: The Couple’s Attire

Hannah and Chris, complementing the stunning venue, flaunted their fashion-forward style on their wedding day. Hannah wore a stunning dress featuring a unique neckline and a stylish slit, adding a touch of bold elegance to her bridal look. To complement her gown, she chose an exquisite pair of designer shoes by Jimmy Choo, known for their luxury and fashion-forward design.

Chris, on the other hand, opted for a custom-made velvet tuxedo jacket, tailored to offer a sophisticated and personalized touch to his formal ensemble. To complete his elegant look, he wore distinctive red-bottom shoes, providing a pop of color and a statement piece to his attire.

Celebrating Love with Landmark Hospitality

Landmark Hospitality’s exceptional service was the driving force behind the flawless execution of Hannah and Chris’s wedding. The Ryland Inn, operated by Landmark Hospitality, is renowned for its exceptional wedding services, which garner overwhelmingly positive reviews for quality of service, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Landmark Hospitality’s portfolio of event spaces and their expertise in creating memorable weddings across a variety of venues, from historical estates to luxury campsites, are a testament to their commitment to making each wedding unique. During their big day, Hannah and Chris benefitted from the dedicated assistance of event stylists and bridal attendants, ensuring that every detail was perfect.

Unique Features of Ryland Inn Weddings

Like every Ryland Inn wedding, Hannah and Chris’s celebration was a distinctive experience. One of the standout features that set their wedding apart was the exceptional dedication of the Ryland Inn staff. Going the extra mile, they ensured that every aspect of the wedding day was executed flawlessly, thus adding a unique touch to the wedding experience.

From the idyllic outdoor ceremony setting to the rustic elegance of the grand ballroom, the Ryland Inn’s unique features were on full display during Hannah and Chris’s wedding. The venue’s ability to seamlessly blend rustic charm with modern amenities made their wedding not only memorable but also a testament to the Ryland Inn’s commitment to ensuring a flawless wedding experience.


Hannah and Chris’s wedding at the Ryland Inn was a celebration marked by elegance, romance, and rustic charm. From their enchanting outdoor ceremony during a golden sunset to the unforgettable reception in the grand ballroom, every moment was beautifully orchestrated. The couple’s fashion-forward style, the unique features of the Ryland Inn, and the exceptional service by Landmark Hospitality all came together to create a truly memorable celebration.

As we conclude, it’s clear that the Ryland Inn offers an unforgettable wedding experience, perfectly blending rustic charm with modern elegance. For Hannah and Chris, it served as the perfect backdrop for the beginning of their journey together. And for those who dream of a wedding that’s as unique as their love story, the Ryland Inn might just be the perfect venue to make those dreams come true.

Bridesmaids in white robes at The Ryland Inn Whitehouse Station, NJ.
Prada satin shoes in blush for bride on wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Bride popping champagne as bridesmaids cheer on wedding day.
Mom zipping the back of brides dress with pearl details.
Bride in bridal suite at The Ryland Inn Grand Ballroom with white and green bouquet.
Bride smiling over shoulder on wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Bride with low messy bun on wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom wedding bands stacked together.
Black and white groom details with black suede louboutin shoes.
Grooms reaction to brides first look in front of The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom kissing in front of the Coach House at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom in the field with barn gates at The Ryland Inn.
Bride leading groom in field during the fall at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom leaning up against white pillars in the back of The Ryland Inn Ballroom.
Groom posing with custom tuxedo with green printed interior of jacket.
Bride and groom in front of The Ryland Inn with veil swooped in front of them.
Bride and groom running hand in hand together in the field at The Ryland Inn.
Groom picks up bride and snuggles her at The Ryland Inn.
Groom walking with bride during fall wedding at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom smiling and happy together in front of Coach House silo at The Ryland Inn.
Groom scoops up bride and snuggles her tight in field.
Bride and groom hold hands together in field.
Bridal party walking together in hunter green mismatched dresses.
Bridesmaids in green satin and hunter green dresses at The Ryland Inn.
Bride with green bridesmaid dresses and white and green bouquets.
Groomsmen in black tuxedos as the sun sets behind them at The Ryland Inn.
Ceremony arch flowers at fall wedding on the patio at The Ryland Inn.
Groom sees bride for the first time and smiles as she walks down the aisle at The Ryland Inn.
Dad gives bride a big hug as he hands her off at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom hold hands during ceremony at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom share their first kiss in outdoor ceremony on the patio at The Ryland Inn..
Bride and groom cheer as they walk down the aisle together as the sun sets.
The Ryland Inn grand ballroom reception with white and green florals.
Grand ballroom reception with beaded chargers plates.
The Ryland Inn grand ballroom reception with white and green florals and greenery hanging from the chandeliers.
The Ryland Inn grand ballroom reception with white and green florals and greenery hanging from the chandeliers.
The Ryland Inn grand ballroom reception with white and green florals and greenery hanging from the chandeliers.
Beaded clear glass charger plates at wedding reception.
Large chandelier with tons of greenery and white florals hanging down at The Ryland Inn.
Mirrored seating chart with baby breath around it.
Bride and groom enter the grand ballroom.
Bride and groom share their first dance together at The Ryland Inn as the guests cheer and clap.
Bride wipes a tear from her eye as she watched the groom dance with his mom.
Candid dance floor fun moments at The Ryland Inn.


Venue | The Ryland Inn
Photography | Molly Sue Photography
Band | Hank Lane Music
Hair + Makeup | Michelle Elise Artistry + Makeup By Jess G
Florals | Jardiniere Fine Flowers


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