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Bride and groom smiling with their dog on their wedding day at The Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Enchanting Elegance at The Ryland Inn Wedding – A Fairy-Tale Venue in NJ

Are you envisioning your “the Ryland Inn wedding” day? This heritage venue in New Jersey delivers a unique mixture of country aesthetics and upscale hospitality for a wedding day to remember. Find out in this article how The Ryland Inn could serve as the charming canvas for your ceremony and celebration, all distilled to the essential details without excessive embellishment.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ryland Inn in NJ is a historic venue that combines country elegance with grand ballroom sophistication, perfect for a luxurious wedding with a fairy-tale atmosphere.
  • Despite an unexpected downpour, the indoor Coach House ceremony and personal touches, like a dog-friendly policy, added unique charm to Lindsey and Austin’s wedding day.
  • Ryland Inn’s facilities and flexible staff ensured that the wedding, complete with romantic rain elements and high-energy ballroom dancing, was unforgettable, no matter the weather.

The Ceremony: A Union Under Beautiful Chandeliers

Mother Nature had her own plans for the day, as unexpected rain caused the originally planned outdoor ceremony to be moved indoors. But, thanks to the Ryland Inn’s adaptability, the change in plans only added to the charm of the ceremony. The indoor environment of the Grand Ballroom, with its dark wood exposed beams and elegant chandeliers, created a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making the ceremony even more special.

The Reception: Dusty Blue Elegance Meets Sophistication

As the ceremony concluded, guests were ushered into the reception space, a testament to Lindsey’s personal style and taste. The tables were adorned with dusty blue accents, mirroring Lindsey’s taste and beautifully harmonizing with the property’s old-world elegance. The sophisticated environment of the Ryland Inn’s reception space offered the perfect canvas for such personalized decor, adding a unique touch to the celebration.

A floral wonderland highlighted by blooms in white and blue was crafted, enhancing the luxurious and romantic ambiance of the reception space. Each detail, from the lush floral settings to the personalized dusty blue accents, culminated in a reception distinguished by both romance and sophistication. Amidst this refined country elegance, the new couple and their guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening of exceptional cuisine.

Dancing the Night Away: A Grand Ballroom Experience

As the sun set, the festivities moved to the grand ballroom, a space exuding the charm of a luxurious equestrian estate. Here, under the glow of six opulent chandeliers, guests let loose on the spacious dance floor and reveled in the joy of the occasion. The energy was infectious, the music filled the air, and laughter echoed in every corner, turning the grand ballroom into a hub of unforgettable memories.

Adjacent to the grand ballroom, the private Bridal Suite provided a convenient and luxurious redesigned space furnished with salon furniture, including a small barber shop area. It was the perfect retreat for some last-minute touch-ups before joining the lively celebration. The proximity of the suite allowed the bridal party to move seamlessly between relaxation and revelry, underscoring the thoughtful design of the Ryland Inn.

Rain or Shine: Embracing Weather’s Whims

Now, you might think that unexpected rain on a wedding day would be a cause for concern. But for Lindsey and Austin, it was a welcome twist. Embracing the change in weather, they not only integrated it into their portrait sessions but also turned it into a unique, magical element of their wedding day. The unexpected showers certainly didn’t dampen spirits. Instead, they added to the enchantment of their summer wedding at the Ryland Inn.

The Ryland Inn’s elegant design and facilities are well-equipped to handle weather changes, ensuring that weddings proceed beautifully regardless of the conditions. The venue’s staff demonstrated their flexibility and attention to detail, managing the changes brought by the weather and providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for the couple. This adaptability is a testament to the Ryland Inn’s commitment to creating perfect events, come rain or shine.

Portrait Perfection: Dog-Friendly Moments

Among the many beautiful moments at Lindsey and Austin’s wedding, one particularly heartwarming feature stood out – the inclusion of their beloved dog in their wedding portraits. The Ryland Inn is well-regarded for its pet-friendly accommodations, ensuring that family members of all species can partake in the momentous occasion. This inclusive policy allowed Lindsey and Austin to feature their furry friend in their wedding portraits, adding a unique and personal touch to their special day.

This is a perfect example of how the Ryland Inn goes the extra mile to accommodate the needs and wishes of their guests. The venue’s pet-friendly policy extends to the inclusion of pets in wedding festivities, making it a popular choice for couples wishing to have their furry friends as part of their celebration.

Enchanted Rain: A Romantic Twist

The unexpected rain brought a romantic twist to Lindsey and Austin’s wedding day. Their decision to release butterflies immediately following their first look in the rain created a poignant moment. As two butterflies lingered on the bride’s bouquet, it was seen as an auspicious sign, adding to the enchantment of the day.

Despite the predictions of rain earlier in the week, the skies cleared for most of the wedding day. However, a romantic sprinkle during the sparkler exit was the perfect end to the day. These magical moments, captured in their wedding photos, are a testament to the venue’s charm that shines through in any weather conditions.


From the rustic charm of the Ryland Inn to the unexpected rain that only added to the enchantment, Lindsey and Austin’s summer wedding was a fairy-tale affair. The venue’s elegance, adaptability, and the personal touches that the couple added, all contributed to making this day truly magical. The inclusion of their beloved dog in the portraits and the romantic sprinkle during the sparkler exit underlined the uniqueness of their celebration.

Lindsey and Austin’s wedding at the Ryland Inn was not just a ceremony. It was a symphony of beautiful moments, of love and joy, of elegance and charm, all coming together to create a day they, and their guests, will cherish forever.

The Creative Team:

Photography: Molly Sue Photography

Venue: The Ryland Inn

Hair: Hair by Casey Veda

Makeup: Beauty on Location

Florist: Peonies to Paint Chips

DJ: Elegant Music Group

Videography: Cinematic Love Stories

Dime 7 summers perfume
Bride in bathtub at The Ryland Inn with champagne glass in hand.
The Ryland Inn Wedding Photos Green and White with Dusty Blue Flowers
Bride in bathtub at The Ryland Inn
Dime 7 summers perfume with blue and white flowers
Dusty blue earring case
Dusty blue bridal details at The Ryland Inn
Bridesmaids in dusty blue pajamas with champagne in hand at The Ryland Inn.
Bride getting ready in the hayloft cottage at The Ryland Inn.
Mom helping bride get into her dress and with her veil in the Hayloft cottage at The Ryland Inn.
Black and white of bride putting on earring
Grooms black tuxedo shoes at The Ryland Inn.
Groom putting on shoes at The Ryland Inn
Groom getting dressed at The Ryland Inn with the help of his best man.
Bride at The Ryland Inn looking at flowers before she sees her groom for the first time.
First Look in front of the Coach House at the Ryland Inn in White House Station, NJ.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand in front of the Coach House at The Ryland Inn.
Groom dipping bride back near rose garden at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom smiling with their cute dog on their wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom with their adorable dog on their wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Wedding at The Ryland Inn with cute and adorable dog of the bride and groom.
Groom and bride snuggling into each other at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom with veil swooped around them at the Coach House, Ryland Inn.
Bride on groom on white pillars behind the Grand Ballroom at The Ryland Inn.
Light and airy portraits at The Ryland Inn.
Groom kissing brides forehead in front of the Kimbelwick House at The Ryland Inn.
White and dusty blue floral bouquet for a wedding at The Ryland Inn.
Groom portraits in the rain at The Ryland Inn.
Groom picks up bride and carries over his shoulder at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom in carport area in front of the Grand Ballroom at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and groom dancing in a bed of roses at The Ryland Inn.
Bride with bridesmaids in light blue dresses at The Ryland Inn.

Groom and groomsmen on a rainy day at The Ryland Inn.
Flower girl on wedding day smiling at The Ryland Inn.
Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses at The Ryland Inn.
Small bridal party at The Ryland Inn.
Bridal party smiling under carport on a rainy wedding day at The Ryland Inn.
Indoor ceremony in the Grand Ballroom at The Ryland Inn.
Beautiful chandeliers with hanging greenery at The Ryland Inn.
White and green florals at The Ryland Inn for an indoor ceremony.
Signature cocktail sign with a picture of the couples dog at The Ryland Inn.
Dad walks bride down the aisle for an indoor ceremony at The Ryland Inn.
Bride and Groom first kiss at The Ryland Inn during their indoor ceremony in the Grand Ballroom.

The grand ballroom with white and green floral centerpieces and hanging chandeliers.
Sweetheart table near the fireplace at The Ryland Inn.
The Ryland Inn Ballroom with white and green florals.
The Ryland Inn Ballroom with chandeliers decorated in greenery.
The Ryland Inn Ballroom with dusty blue floral centerpieces and sunglasses for every guest.
Bride and groom enter the grand ballroom together for the first time atThe Ryland Inn.
Wedding toasts at The Ryland Inn
Groom laughing at wedding day toast at The Ryland Inn.
Bride smiling at wedding speech at The Ryland Inn.
Dance floor candid moments at The Ryland Inn.
Sparkler exit in black and white at The Ryland Inn.


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